Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A rainy day, and more of christmas break

Ironically enough, I've been playing mass amounts of video games lately, but I went home sick today from school and haven't picked up a controller yet...

Anyways, to re-iterate, Resident Evil 4 is the greatest game ever... (well with the exception of Final Fantasy VII of course). And Yeah, been playing allot of that lately, and still not on the 2nd disc yet... I'm in the castle, and the girl gets kidnapped, and I have to save her sorry ass again, lol, but she is cute.

Anyways, also been playing allot of Suidoken IV, spent a good 5 hours on it already, all my characters are like level 25 or so, upgraded weapons and what not, Runes. I'm about to enter the Ruins on that Oyama something Island.

And just because I was in the mood, I popped in SSX3 yesterday, its relativly easy to conquer the mountain, but when you get a MSG that someone beat your previous score... thats rather difficult to redeem, lets put it this way, score to beat was 130,000. Cake. The next score to beat after that was 700,000 PROBLEM!!!! i only got around 500,000...

oh well, Wish me luck, I'm busy right now moving all my anime from Disc's to HDD, and vica versa.


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