Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bedknobs and Broomsticks...

Went to the mall the other day for christmas shopping, and I saw silent hill, the original at EB for 7 bucks, NEW! so I snared that, started playing it too.

Letsee... Just beat FFT:Advance, cuz me and my mate marc split that game, and he's had it basically this whole time, lol, but yeah, i got it back, and finished what i had left in like 4 hours... now im 100%ing it

On the same note, I restarted FFT for playstation. By the end of Chapter 1, Main character already had Ninja's dual sword ability, and was kicking ass as a geomancer... though hes back to a ninja now. (cuz i wasnt supposed to be that high a level that early, so they didnt sell weapons for that class, though for a while i just gave him "equip sword" and went nuts, lol), i also have 2 other ninjas, a mastered Time Mage. (no scroll glitch either, legit), and um yeah, i kick ass.

and i just started Silent Hill, its awkward, because i havnt played any RE's in a while, so i had to get readjusted to the movement and shooting controls, but its all good.

Finished Prologue and Chapter 1 of Wild Arms 3, was gunna start Phantom Brave, but not enough space on my memory card.

and i havnt played monster hunter in a while... which is okay, because marc's ps2 was in the shop for a while and he couldnt play either, so it was w/e...

i was in a shitty mood the other day, and felt like blasting apart everything, so popped in Gungrave:Overdose again. it was fun, relieved a little stress and tension. LoL... so sad...

anyways, that was like the past 2 weeks for VG.

PC- Installed a internal Cooling fan into a PCI slot to suck out all the dust and shit. lowered case temps allot, and i bought my fan for my blowhole, and drew out the dimensions, now i just need to get my dremel back from whoever has it so i can cut it.



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