Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Can You Dig It?!?

Yeah, home sick... bad...

Beat The Warriors. ^_^ working on 100% now.
Raised 3 more pokemon to lvl 100. working on summore battle stratagies now with double battle.

and um yeah im on like 5 different medications.. it sucks.

just working with plugins for ePSXe hoping to set it up sometime tommorrow

email or myspace me to wish me well.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Brace yourself FOOL!

Yawn... long time no update...

ok, i've ben playing The Warriors, im up to around level 13 or so... its cool, im enjoying it. there isnt too much to say about it.

I hooked up my PS2 controller > USB adapter in my room, so now i lie on my bed, and play my roms and emulators. mainly GBA stuff, and some old school SNES things. mostly Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, and MegaMan Battle Network 3 Blue. but i've started to get more into n64 things on my 1964. Somethings dont work so well, but im working on assembling a good collection, ive basically been playing starfox64, supermario64, and my personal favorite, Harvest Moon 64...
Due to a good grade on my English Regents, my father now has to buy me a new graphics card for my personal computer in my room, so hopefully everything will run better. especially Perfect Dark and GoldenEye. ^_^

other then that... nothing new to comment, i haven't played RE:4 in a while... but i got past that part i was stuck on, but now im stuck in a control room battling some weird thing that looks like Alien... um... yeah...

Oh, if you want to check out how to use your PS2 controllers on your computer check out my link up top to LikSang. they have all that stuff.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A rainy day, and more of christmas break

Ironically enough, I've been playing mass amounts of video games lately, but I went home sick today from school and haven't picked up a controller yet...

Anyways, to re-iterate, Resident Evil 4 is the greatest game ever... (well with the exception of Final Fantasy VII of course). And Yeah, been playing allot of that lately, and still not on the 2nd disc yet... I'm in the castle, and the girl gets kidnapped, and I have to save her sorry ass again, lol, but she is cute.

Anyways, also been playing allot of Suidoken IV, spent a good 5 hours on it already, all my characters are like level 25 or so, upgraded weapons and what not, Runes. I'm about to enter the Ruins on that Oyama something Island.

And just because I was in the mood, I popped in SSX3 yesterday, its relativly easy to conquer the mountain, but when you get a MSG that someone beat your previous score... thats rather difficult to redeem, lets put it this way, score to beat was 130,000. Cake. The next score to beat after that was 700,000 PROBLEM!!!! i only got around 500,000...

oh well, Wish me luck, I'm busy right now moving all my anime from Disc's to HDD, and vica versa.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Post-Holiday Wrap-up

Okay... Christmas was pretty good to me, ^_^, got a few games, Castlevania: COD (PS2), StarWars:Battlefront 2 (PS2), ResidentEvil 4 (GameCube), and a few others...

But i just want to talk about the latter of those three for a minute.

The game is amazing, it deserved the 10 out of 10 rating it got in most magazines (PSM, EGM, and a few others) The story is great, very intreguing. The enemies don't die easily, (you get a ridiculous amount of ammo in the first chapter, which got me worried... the RE series is notorious for not giving out ammo... am i going to need all of this?) The graphics are amazing, i hate to say it, but especially on the game cube. there is flawless integration between the cutscenes and gameplay, barely any time to load anything, there is so much interaction between the maps and you, you can jump out windows, jump in windows, kick down ladders that enemies are climbing up, barricade doors and windows with dressers, couches, and other objects. There even is a battle where you and a friend (Louis) are trapped in a house, and there are hoards upon hoards of "villagers" (for lack of better term, as they actually aren't zombies... hows that for a twist) anyways, they are comming towards this house in droves... and they climb in through windows upstairs and down, you have to knock down ladders, and barricade the doors and windows... its absolutely nuts... like something out of Day of the Dead, the George A. Romaro cult film classic.

The game is amazing, to put it simply... Get It.

...Happy New Year

Monday, December 05, 2005

Now I remember why I dont play CS anymore

Well, I was bored, and downloaded steam again, instead of spending valuable time looking for ways to hack it and get all the games, i just put in a key from one of my old valve games, download hl, cs, dod, tfc, of, and a few others, and just signed on CS.

get into a game, I forget which map, im not really doing too well, only like 6 kills, around 15 deaths... 8 on 8 match... (im not good in large games... too many ppl, plus my comp sux, so LAG!!!, anyways) these 3 guys who sound like how we make fun of lil'ryan, pre-pubescent, high pitched voices, start doing the thing from pwned.nl, im like, grow up that was like 2 years ago... argh...

everyone tells them to shutup, the admin tells everyone next person to use the mic gets a ban... but they keep going, and start accusing ppl of hacking anytime they die... it was lame, i logged off, and probably will never play again... for real this time... (well, at least pub...)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bedknobs and Broomsticks...

Went to the mall the other day for christmas shopping, and I saw silent hill, the original at EB for 7 bucks, NEW! so I snared that, started playing it too.

Letsee... Just beat FFT:Advance, cuz me and my mate marc split that game, and he's had it basically this whole time, lol, but yeah, i got it back, and finished what i had left in like 4 hours... now im 100%ing it

On the same note, I restarted FFT for playstation. By the end of Chapter 1, Main character already had Ninja's dual sword ability, and was kicking ass as a geomancer... though hes back to a ninja now. (cuz i wasnt supposed to be that high a level that early, so they didnt sell weapons for that class, though for a while i just gave him "equip sword" and went nuts, lol), i also have 2 other ninjas, a mastered Time Mage. (no scroll glitch either, legit), and um yeah, i kick ass.

and i just started Silent Hill, its awkward, because i havnt played any RE's in a while, so i had to get readjusted to the movement and shooting controls, but its all good.

Finished Prologue and Chapter 1 of Wild Arms 3, was gunna start Phantom Brave, but not enough space on my memory card.

and i havnt played monster hunter in a while... which is okay, because marc's ps2 was in the shop for a while and he couldnt play either, so it was w/e...

i was in a shitty mood the other day, and felt like blasting apart everything, so popped in Gungrave:Overdose again. it was fun, relieved a little stress and tension. LoL... so sad...

anyways, that was like the past 2 weeks for VG.

PC- Installed a internal Cooling fan into a PCI slot to suck out all the dust and shit. lowered case temps allot, and i bought my fan for my blowhole, and drew out the dimensions, now i just need to get my dremel back from whoever has it so i can cut it.



Well for starters, this is where I will just post and update on my videogame status, so here's the systems I own, followed by a list of each game I have for that system (when I get around to it, lol)


I own 2 actually, One is casemodded with Clear Blue Acrylic, and LEDs inside, but i broke the disc tray, so I kinda need to get around to fixing that. And the other is just a working Black normal one. Both can support my Network Adapter, and Modded HDD, in which I store over 120gb worth of games, (quick loading times, and no discs required :))


Bought this off a friend with controlllers, memory card, and a game or two. Only reason I really got it was to play DoubleDash and SuperSmashBros, (and later RE:4). And to this day I only own 1 of those games, damn...

Ah... my first real system. Got it for Christmas so many years ago. Funny story, hte first set of games included, MGS, Crash Bandicoot, and Gran Turismo. But my parents saw an M rating on MGS, and made me exchange it for FF:VII (which I wasn't too upset over), but later on, when I wanted to get MGS, everywhere I went was sold out, so I got a little frustrated... but eventually found it.

GameBoy Advance(Regular and SP)

Got a GBA for Christmas, Got an SP as part of bundle when I bought a PC

GameBoy Color

Recieved this for christmas one year from my mom's boss. Started playing pokemon... still havnt stopped... and I can admit that.

Sega Genesis

Used to play this all the time at my cousins' house. Bought one over the summer on ebay. ^_^ i <3 ebay. lol. aside from that, mainly emulation has kept Sega alive in my life, then.


also bought this on ebay this summer, <3 Duckhunt!, lol. mad oldschool memories of this system.


yeah, my comp sucks... ask anyone, im supposed to be this master hacker kid... but i have such a shitty comp, cuz my dad won't buy a new one, so i wound up buying myself a new one this summer... and it still sucks, need to put in 512 more ram and gfx card