Monday, December 05, 2005

Now I remember why I dont play CS anymore

Well, I was bored, and downloaded steam again, instead of spending valuable time looking for ways to hack it and get all the games, i just put in a key from one of my old valve games, download hl, cs, dod, tfc, of, and a few others, and just signed on CS.

get into a game, I forget which map, im not really doing too well, only like 6 kills, around 15 deaths... 8 on 8 match... (im not good in large games... too many ppl, plus my comp sux, so LAG!!!, anyways) these 3 guys who sound like how we make fun of lil'ryan, pre-pubescent, high pitched voices, start doing the thing from, im like, grow up that was like 2 years ago... argh...

everyone tells them to shutup, the admin tells everyone next person to use the mic gets a ban... but they keep going, and start accusing ppl of hacking anytime they die... it was lame, i logged off, and probably will never play again... for real this time... (well, at least pub...)


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