Thursday, December 01, 2005


Well for starters, this is where I will just post and update on my videogame status, so here's the systems I own, followed by a list of each game I have for that system (when I get around to it, lol)


I own 2 actually, One is casemodded with Clear Blue Acrylic, and LEDs inside, but i broke the disc tray, so I kinda need to get around to fixing that. And the other is just a working Black normal one. Both can support my Network Adapter, and Modded HDD, in which I store over 120gb worth of games, (quick loading times, and no discs required :))


Bought this off a friend with controlllers, memory card, and a game or two. Only reason I really got it was to play DoubleDash and SuperSmashBros, (and later RE:4). And to this day I only own 1 of those games, damn...

Ah... my first real system. Got it for Christmas so many years ago. Funny story, hte first set of games included, MGS, Crash Bandicoot, and Gran Turismo. But my parents saw an M rating on MGS, and made me exchange it for FF:VII (which I wasn't too upset over), but later on, when I wanted to get MGS, everywhere I went was sold out, so I got a little frustrated... but eventually found it.

GameBoy Advance(Regular and SP)

Got a GBA for Christmas, Got an SP as part of bundle when I bought a PC

GameBoy Color

Recieved this for christmas one year from my mom's boss. Started playing pokemon... still havnt stopped... and I can admit that.

Sega Genesis

Used to play this all the time at my cousins' house. Bought one over the summer on ebay. ^_^ i <3 ebay. lol. aside from that, mainly emulation has kept Sega alive in my life, then.


also bought this on ebay this summer, <3 Duckhunt!, lol. mad oldschool memories of this system.


yeah, my comp sucks... ask anyone, im supposed to be this master hacker kid... but i have such a shitty comp, cuz my dad won't buy a new one, so i wound up buying myself a new one this summer... and it still sucks, need to put in 512 more ram and gfx card


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