Sunday, January 01, 2006

Post-Holiday Wrap-up

Okay... Christmas was pretty good to me, ^_^, got a few games, Castlevania: COD (PS2), StarWars:Battlefront 2 (PS2), ResidentEvil 4 (GameCube), and a few others...

But i just want to talk about the latter of those three for a minute.

The game is amazing, it deserved the 10 out of 10 rating it got in most magazines (PSM, EGM, and a few others) The story is great, very intreguing. The enemies don't die easily, (you get a ridiculous amount of ammo in the first chapter, which got me worried... the RE series is notorious for not giving out ammo... am i going to need all of this?) The graphics are amazing, i hate to say it, but especially on the game cube. there is flawless integration between the cutscenes and gameplay, barely any time to load anything, there is so much interaction between the maps and you, you can jump out windows, jump in windows, kick down ladders that enemies are climbing up, barricade doors and windows with dressers, couches, and other objects. There even is a battle where you and a friend (Louis) are trapped in a house, and there are hoards upon hoards of "villagers" (for lack of better term, as they actually aren't zombies... hows that for a twist) anyways, they are comming towards this house in droves... and they climb in through windows upstairs and down, you have to knock down ladders, and barricade the doors and windows... its absolutely nuts... like something out of Day of the Dead, the George A. Romaro cult film classic.

The game is amazing, to put it simply... Get It.

...Happy New Year


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